Artist: Paul Brandt Lippart, Brandt Metalworks, of Windsor, CO
Materials: Steel, recycled machine parts, blown glass
Price to Purchase: $17,000
Location: Seven Minute Spring Park

Johnny Stegosaurus, sculpture by Paul Brandt Lippart | Manitou Springs Arts CouncilArtist’s Statement: Lippart thrives on taking old machinery apart and finding a way to re-fabricate it in unique ways for his company, Brandt Metalworks.

Says Lippart: “I have a wandering mind, so having a pile of used machine parts in front of me, with a few ideas turning into many ideas, is the perfect way to keep me happy. … In my spare time I can be found behind transmission and engine shops picking through used parts that were destined for the scrap yard. Every piece I pick has a history of its own, and I love to give it a new life. My goal is to find the most unusual parts in order to make my art as unique as the animals I’m portraying.”

Johnny Stegosaurus was named in honor of a friend of the artist who passed away.

"Rose Dancer" by Neil Fenton & Nathaniel BakerROSE DANCER
Neil Fenton & Nathaniel Baker, of Colorado Springs
Materials: Steel, rebar, wire, enamel
Price to Purchase: $5,400
Location: Seven Minute Springs Park

Artists’ Statement: “This work is all about emotion and movement, reflecting the spontaneous means through which it was created. The combined effort of Baker and Fenton unfolded over several work sessions in a garage near downtown Colorado Springs. Beginning as a simple creative collaboration and evolving over hours of bending and welding metal, this piece truly could not have been made independently.

“A gesture drawing in 3-D, it transcends the basic steel rebar and wire from which it is built. Dancing as the viewer moves around it, “Rose Dancer” evokes a sinuous spine, a trained and delicate balance, a line traced in the air with the motion of a hand … gone now, the moment over.”

"Say Cheese" by Justin DeisterSAY CHEESE
Justin Deister, of Louisville, CO
Materials: Metal, foam, fiberglass, paint
Price to purchase: $9,000
Location: 900 block of Manitou Avenue

Artist’s Statement: “Remember how your mom placed the hot green beans down on your plate right next to the jello? How the juices ran together across your plate, threatening to contaminate the mashed potatoes? Well, that’s how the whole art thing began for Justin Deister — food management.

“With this whimsical sculpture, Justin reminds us that we all played with our food at the dinner table. Especially entertaining was fingering a single noodle onto each tine of our fork, or perhaps trying to fit as many noodles into our mouth as possible.”

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