"Johona-Mai" by Kasia Polkowska & Kyle CunniffJOHONA-MAI
Artists: Kasia Polkowska & Kyle Cunniff, of Alamosa, CO
Stained glass, fiberglass, epoxy. Price to purchase: $24,000

Location: Cheyenne Spring Park. Near 908 Manitou Ave., in downtown Manitou Springs.

Artists’ Statement: “Johona-Mai,” Navajo for Sunny Bright Flower, was named to honor the Navajo Nation whose ancestral land we inhabit. She was created in Alamosa, Colorado – the land of “Cool Sunshine.” To reflect our region, we incorporated Southwestern colors, focusing on the bright blue of our big, clear sky and the warm yellow of the ever present sunshine in the San Luis Valley.

“Johona-Mai was sculpted by hand and is adorned in a modern, colorful, hand-cut stained glass mosaic pattern. Her form originates from Russia, where the first Matryoshka doll was made and has since become a symbol in Eastern European culture where Kasia was born.

“Today the doll has a place in contemporary pop culture around the world. The form of our doll was kept traditional to inspire the nostalgia one often feels when laying eyes on a nesting doll. The decorative motif highlights the purity of the form with color, pattern and the innocence of a flower often present on traditional dolls, but with a contemporary flair.”

"Rose Dancer" by Neil Fenton & Nathaniel BakerROSE DANCER
Artists: Neil Fenton & Nathaniel Baker, of Colorado Springs
Steel, rebar, wire, enamel. Price to purchase: $5,400

Location: Seven Minute Springs Park, across from Memorial Park

Artists’ Statement: “This work is all about emotion and movement, reflecting the spontaneous means through which it was created. The combined effort of Baker and Fenton unfolded over several work sessions in a garage near downtown Colorado Springs. Beginning as a simple creative collaboration and evolving over hours of bending and welding metal, this piece truly could not have been made independently.

“A gesture drawing in 3-D, it transcends the basic steel rebar and wire from which it is built. Dancing as the viewer moves around it, “Rose Dancer” evokes a sinuous spine, a trained and delicate balance, a line traced in the air with the motion of a hand … gone now, the moment over.”

"Say Cheese" by Justin DeisterSAY CHEESE
Artist: Justin Deister, of Louisville, CO
Metal, foam, fiberglass, paint. Price to purchase: $9,000

Location: 900 block of Manitou Avenue, near the roundabout

Artist’s Statement: “Remember how your mom placed the hot green beans down on your plate right next to the jello? How the juices ran together across your plate, threatening to contaminate the mashed potatoes? Well, that’s how the whole art thing began for Justin Deister — food management.

“With this whimsical sculpture, Justin reminds us that we all played with our food at the dinner table. Especially entertaining was fingering a single noodle onto each tine of our fork, or perhaps trying to fit as many noodles into our mouth as possible.”

See more of his work at: www.justindeister.com.

Questions or comments? Email manitouspringsarts@gmail.com.

Sculpture photos by Adam Williams / Humanitou