"Pequod" by James Graham"Don Quixote" by Jim Geary"North Star" by Don and Maxine Green – SOLD"Man-in-Z-Moon" by Dan Romano – SOLD"Tree" by Michael Patrick Garman"Dancer" by Michael Patrick Garman"Black Diamond" by Laszlo Palos"Twisting Figure" by Sushe Felix"Phoenix" by Neil Fenton – SOLD"Untitled" by James Graham"Sentinel #1" by Steve Wood"Pea" by Laszlo Palos"Pile of Spirals" by Liz Szabo"Serenity" by Ryszard"Stickman" by dedicated to the memory of Ed Rudolph"Rusty, the Snowman" by Doyle Svenby"I Am the Dream" by Ryszard"Watts New" by Dale Pittock"Portable Deity" by Larry Terrafranca"Metal Flower" by Glenn Rudolph"Peeps" by Liz Szabo


"Pequod" by James Graham Pequod James Graham $ 3,000
"Don Quixote" by Jim Geary Don Quixote Jim Geary $ 3,500
"North Star" by Don and Maxine Green – SOLD North Star Don and Maxine Green-SOLD-
"Man-in-Z-Moon" by Dan Romano – SOLD Man-in-Z-Moon Dan Romano-SOLD-
"Tree" by Michael Patrick Garman Tree Michael Patrick Garman $ 10,000
"Dancer" by Michael Patrick Garman Dancer Michael Patrick Garman $ 10,000
"Black Diamond" by Laszlo Palos Black Diamond Laszlo Palos $ 4,500
"Twisting Figure" by Sushe Felix Twisting Figure Sushe Felix-NFS-
"Phoenix" by Neil Fenton – SOLD Phoenix Neil Fenton-SOLD-
"Untitled" by James Graham Untitled James Graham $ 5,000
"Sentinel #1" by Steve Wood Sentinel #1 Steve Wood $ 1,000
"Pea" by Laszlo Palos Pea Laszlo Palos $ 4,800
"Pile of Spirals" by Liz Szabo Pile of Spirals Liz Szabo-NFS-
"Serenity" by Ryszard Serenity Ryszard $ 1,600
"Stickman" by dedicated to the memory of Ed Rudolph Stickman dedicated to the memory of Ed Rudolph-NFS-
"Rusty, the Snowman" by Doyle Svenby Rusty, the Snowman Doyle Svenby -SOLD-
"I Am the Dream" by Ryszard I Am the Dream Ryszard $ 3,800
"Watts New" by Dale Pittock Watts New Dale Pittock $ 17,000
"Portable Deity" by Larry Terrafranca Portable Deity Larry Terrafranca $ 4,200
"Metal Flower" by Glenn Rudolph Metal Flower Glenn Rudolph $ 2,500
"Peeps" by Liz Szabo Peeps Liz Szabo-NFS-