Manitou Springs Creative District Summer 2016

Always Was. Always Will Be.


Natalie Johnson


Nancy Wilson

Steering Committee:

Michelle Anthony, Rachel Buller, Juanita Canzoneri, Sheryl Cline, Christopher Dwyer, Wendy Fay, Tom Fears, Nancy Fortuin, Don Goede, Mika Holtzinger, Chifumi Ito, Ken Jaray, Sophia Kilroy, Leslie Lewis, Farley McDonough, Susan Merrin Ralph Routon, Kelly Snyder, Coreen Toll, Andy Vick, Jensen Walker, Laurie Wood, Steve Wood, Julia Wright

Storytelling Committee:

Michelle Anthony, Doug Edmondson, Laura Ettinger, Susan Fries, Joanne Garrison, Don Goede, Chifumi Ito, Sally Pearce, Annie Schmitt, Cylinda Walker, David Walker, Jensen Walker

Special Thanks to the City of Manitou Springs:

Jason Wells, Wade Burkholder, Karen Berchtold, Michelle Anthony

Manitou Springs Arts Council


De Lane Bredvik, Tricia Parish, Audrey Gray, Jack Elder, Todd Liming, Priscilla Barsotti, Michael Barsotti,

Reverend David Hunting, Ben Kuckel, Julia Wright

City Council

Mayor Nicole Nicoletta, Mayor Pro Tem Gary L. Smith, Coreen Toll, Robert Todd, Jay Rohrer, Randy R. Hodges, Gary Smith, Becky Elder

Tour Guides:

Kelly Snyder & Laurie Wood

Logo Design:

De Lane Bredvik & Erika Kaszczyszyn

Editing and Formatting:

Maria Navaratne


The Manitou Springs Creative District is an historic hub of creativity where all sectors collaborate in order to provide an enduring cultural experience for residents and visitors alike.


The Manitou Springs Creative District enhances the economic vitality of our community by inspiring artists, creatives and visitors while preserving our unique cultural, historic and natural setting.

In 2014 a new player was added to the Economic Development/Arts and Culture mix in Manitou Springs when it became a candidate to become a Certified Creative District. Colorado Creative Districts were formed in 2011, when the Colorado legislature passed and the governor signed into law HB11-1031 encouraging the formation of Creative Districts in communities, neighborhoods or contiguous geographic areas, for the purposes of:

• Attracting artists and creative entrepreneurs to a community, infusing new energy and innovation, which in turn will enhance the economic and civic capital of the community;

• Creating hubs of economic activity, thereby enhancing the area as an appealing place to live, visit and conduct business, as well as create new economic activity;

• Attracting visitors;

• Revitalizing and beautifying communities;

• Providing a focal point for celebrating and strengthening a community’s unique identity;

• Showcasing cultural and artistic organizations, events and amenities;

• Contributing to the development of healthy communities; and

• Improving the quality of life of the State’s residents.


Develop strong governance and sustainable infrastructure for the Creative District.

Work within and across sectors to secure ongoing funding for Creative District management, and its role in supporting arts, cultural events and projects.

Collaborate with public and private initiatives to support the development of affordable housing and workspace for artists and creatives in Manitou Springs.

Ensure that Manitou Springs continues to develop as a “walkable community”.

Facilitate networking and professional development among artists, educators, students of the arts, creatives, and the broader community to promote synergy, jobs and economic opportunity.