The Manitou Springs Arts Council (MSAC) seeks to recognize the spirit of volunteerism and past winners of Manni Awards, which honor outstanding volunteers of Manitou Springs (CO). The MSAC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, promote and pursue collaboration between artists and the arts community. The MSAC is calling for a permanent sculpture in downtown Manitou Springs, and has a budget of  $5,200 for the project.

Manni History and Description

The Manni Awards were started in 2014 by the collaboration of the Manitou Springs city government, school district, Chamber of Commerce, Manitou Springs Collaborative, and the local newspaper. The awards “recognize community leaders and champions who have given outstanding volunteer service and demonstrated the ability to collaborate and inspire others to manifest Manitou’s community visions.”

Each year approximately 10 awards are given in the following categories: Lifetime Education, Lifetime Community Champions, Adult Visionary Leadership, Youth Visionary Leadership, C.H. Rockey Artistic Endeavors, Environmental Stewardship, Business & Economic Vitality, Health & Wellbeing, Civic Achievement, and Public Service.

Project Eligibility

Projects will be juried based on artists’ past work, qualifications, experience, and their proposal. Artists may propose more than one sculpture for this project. This project is open to any artist who can come to Manitou Springs to install the sculpture. The MSAC has access to paid art fabricators, who may be able to help with fabrication and installation for a fee.

Scope, Specifications and Site

The artwork must be made of materials that are durable and suitable for 75+ years of free-standing outdoor public use (metal, fiberglass, concrete, ceramics, glass, etc.). Designs are not limited as to style (contemporary or traditional) or materials so long as they are durable and the elements for 75 years or more. The base for the proposed sculpture/pedestal is a round concrete slab three feet in diameter. If a pedestal is needed, it is considered part of the sculpture.

A QR code image will guide viewers to a website with short biographies of past Manni Award Winners on the city website, and shall be incorporated in the art or on a plaque that reads:  “Manni Awards: Honoring Outstanding Volunteers of Manitou Springs.”

The site for the sculpture is in the center of town near the town clock or at Seven-Minute Spring Park.


The all-inclusive budget for the sculpture is $5,200. The selected artist is responsible for all materials, supplies, and fabrication processes, and will work at their own risk.

Sculpture Proposal Submission Requirements:

  • Artist Statement and Statement of Interest for this project
  • Current resume
  • Up to four images of completed sculptures, similar in scope if possible (Please include: title of artwork, medium, location, dimensions, and year of completion)
  • Drawing(s) and/or small maquette of the proposed sculpture
  • Written description of the art and an interpretation of why/how it represents community commitment and volunteerism
  • Expected height and weight of the proposed sculpture
  • Description of materials used in the sculpture
  • Cost of the created, delivered and installed sculpture

Art Jury and Selection Process

The MSAC will jury the submitted proposals. All sculpture proposals, sketches, and accompanying documents must be submitted to the MSAC by August 1, 2020. Artists will be notified after the jury meets on August 25, 2020.

All sculpture proposals, sketches and accompanying documents must be submitted to the MSAC by August 1 to manitouspringsartscouncil1@gmail.com.

For more information, call Shanti Toll at (719) 321-5354. The jury committee will have about one month for a public notification and feedback period, followed by a Manitou Springs City Council presentation. The artist will have three months from the beginning of the contract to complete and deliver the sculpture.

The MSAC reserves the right to extend the submission deadline or re-send the call if an appropriate
submission is not found.

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