"Dancer" sculpture in Manitou Springs, CO | Photo by Adam Williams/Humanitou

The Manitou Springs Arts Council is a volunteer board of artists and arts supporters who advocate for and oversee public art in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

The Council’s mission is to Preserve, Promote & Pursue¬†collaboration between the arts and the community of Manitou Springs. “Art on the Avenue” is the signature program in this effort.

The Council facilitates acquisition and installation of art work on or near Manitou Avenue, the main thoroughfare in Manitou Springs. The Art on the Avenue program serves as a permanent rotating outdoor gallery that promotes individual sculpture artists and provides opportunities for them to sell their work.

See Board of Directors.

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Contact: Bredvik@post.Harvard.edu


Credits: “Dancer” sculpture by¬†Michael Patrick Garman; Photo by Adam Williams / Humanitou